Wispy Winter Hair

In a fashion world that is whole-heartedly embracing the sleek edge of street style, it’s difficult to find ways to add a little softness and elegance to your look while still being on-trend.

This season, I’m trying to find a balance between toughness and femininity, and I’ve noticed that the best way to do that is by juxtaposing softer hair with a modern, street style-inspired outfit.

Because the ponytail is always in style, I wanted to show you guys the way that I love to wear it. This ponytail is incredibly easy, but looks like you put a ton of effort into your hair, when really it took only minutes.

I started with curling my hair using my Conair Infiniti Styling Wand, wrapping 1-inch sections around the barrel for about 10 seconds. Then, I simply gathered my hair at the crown of my head, making sure to keep my side part exposed, and wrapped it up with a dark brown elastic. The dramatic part gives the look some volume and photographs much better than hair that is slicked back.

Take a look!






Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 5.28.52 PM


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