Cozy Fall Look

To me, the fall season is all about being warm and snuggly. Eating comfort food, talking with some good friends, and bundling up by the fire just seem to go together so well.

In honor of my favorite thing about autumn, I have put together a look that is super comfy yet super chic. Because I like to wear dark, plain colors in autumn, I wanted to the look to be minimalistic and neutral, but with very luxurious pieces. I added a cute beanie for some color and fun, and played up texture with a perforated leather bucket bag. For some toughness to the look, I accessorized with a gunmetal ring and some cat-eye glasses.

Fall Outfit

You can find all of these pieces at! I love that their clothes, shoes, accessories, and housewares are not only always on-trend, but they are really well-made and are worth the investment. Check them out!

What does your ideal fall outfit look like?



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