Welcoming Change

Hello everyone!

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to November- I know I’m already excited about Christmas myself, but maybe that’s a little too much forward thinking.

I just wanted to update you guys about a change here on the blog – a pretty big change, that is – its name!

I decided to switch from “Little Black Style Book” to “Freestyle Fashion.” As my last name is Freese, I think the name fits perfectly and it more reflects my style, which is ever changing and never quite fits into a specific mold.

I love that I can use fashion to transform myself into whatever type of person I want to be that day- wearing something that I feel comfortable and happy in just boots my mood overall. And that’s what fashion is supposed to be about, no?

Nothing else about the blog is changing, though, so look out for more OOTD’s, fashion stories, and inspiration coming soon!!

New Doc 7



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