Trend Spotlight: Balayage

It’s about time for autumn, about time for the leaves to change, and definitely about time to change my hair.

At the start of every season, I like to change one thing about my style. Every spring, I change my wardrobe; every fall I change my hair. There’s just something amazing about getting a fresh start to my look, especially right before such an amazing fashion season like fall.

A huge trend this season that I’m loving is the ever chic “Balayage” effect. Originating in France, this process incorporates a more randomized dying process in which the colorist paints a subtle, slightly lighter color directly onto strands instead of using the traditional foil.

I love this look because it is a very understated look that brings depth and light to your hair, and done correctly, highlights your facial features in a very flattering way. To give you some inspiration, I’ve included several Balayage looks that I love right now.








Do you think I should try this look? Leave a comment!



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