Spring-spiration 2015

It seems like nowadays my style changes, eh, every week. A constant transformation of my closet, getting ride of once-loved, now-hated pieces and buying way too much new stuff. And, as we move into a new season, what better way to celebrate than a fresh look?

I am loving clean, luxurious-looking pieces in basic colors for spring. Airy yet simple, new yet timeless. I’m moving away from the standard bright colors and patterns (except stripes, those are always a staple!) for a neutral palette with swingy, effortless silhouettes. These looks don’t exactly scream spring, but that’s what I love about them.

What are your favorite styles for spring? Share your spring-spiration ideas!

sp15 2

sp15 1

sp15 3

sp15 4

sp15 5

sp15 6

sp15 7

sp15 8

sp15 9


All images are from Pinterest.com. Follow me here!



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