Wild Child

When we think of animal prints, our minds most likely drift toward leopard print, snakeskin, cheetah, etc. Patterns (tacky as they may be) that have become wardrobe staples in many women’s closets. Recently, though, designers are trying to challenge this “animal stereotype” by featuring beautiful, somewhat commonplace animals on sleek ready-to-wear pieces to create luxurious yet unconventional looks. I’m loving this trend, as I am an avid wearer of animal-adorned garments, so of course I felt the need to share some outfits I have created to give you some inspiration to incorporate this trend into your own closets!

Rooster Skirt

animal glam1

I am a huge fan of mid-length skirts- they are so classy yet edgy when paired with the right pieces. To complement this gorgeous Rochas skirt, I selected accessories that matched the colors on the roosters in order to create a cohesive outfit. For a more retro touch, drape the leather jacket around the shoulders and complete your look with a cheeky smile.

Panda Shoes

animal glam2

Sure, pandas aren’t exactly “commonplace” like I had said before. But they’re also not something you’d expect to see on a pair of Charlotte Olympia pumps. To add a classy element to these fun shoes, I chose swingy, luxurious pieces in warm, Earthy tones. This muted color palette brings all the attention to the shoes and keeps the look grounded.

Butterfly Shorts

animal glam3

I love these Valentino shorts because they are statement making but still quite subdued. Channeling my inner Rihanna, I picked a bra-top under an oversized suit jacket for this look in order to give the feminine butterflies some edge. Since it is getting really cold where I live, I would likely pair some opaque, black tights under the shorts to stay warm but also match the color scheme.

Yes, I know it has been too long since I’ve posted anything. My class schedule has been hectic, but I’ve gotten in the swing of things now and I’m excited to create lots of new content for you guys! Look out for tons of new posts coming very soon.




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