Three Ways to Style Boyfriend Jeans

It’s true, long denim doesn’t exactly scream summer. But when it’s ripped up, roomy, and breathable, I say we give it a go. Yes, I’m talking about the legendary “boyfriend jean”, or in simpler terms, pants that are made to look worn in and demolished when in fact they are brand new and often cost a fortune. Ironic, isn’t it?

The main attraction to these jeans is actually their unattractiveness. The bagginess and relaxed fit add an “I don’t care, but I care” ideology to the look, and can dress down the rest of your outfit. As puzzling as it is to think women spend upwards of $500 to look disheveled, there is a very trendy element to the otherwise “homeless-chic” jeans that makes women everywhere swoon.

I’ve put together three looks to show you how I’ve styled the boyfriend jeans, each one suitable for a different occasion. I used the H&M Boyfriend Low Jeans for all the outfits, and you can find them by clicking here.

1. Chic

I decided to channel Kylie Jenner a bit in this look, since she loves wearing this style of jean. I kept the outfit interesting but simple with a striped sleeveless top and Valentino heels. For a pop of color, I added this neon green cross body and some bright orange nail polish. I love the clash of the neons, and it adds interest to the outfit. Dressing the simple pieces up with some pearl jewelry and fierce sunglasses keeps the look trendy without being too youthful.


bfj chic

2. Slouchy

This outfit is perfect to those who want to be comfy all day without looking too frumpy. I love that this cropped sweater shows a bit of stomach when paired with the higher-waisted fit of the jeans. These flats are extremely comfortable for all day wear and look amazing with the cuffed jeans. To keep the look simple, I added a fun clutch and some dainty rings. When working with neutral accessories, choose ones that have interesting detailing, like the snakeskin bag and the scalloped shoes. I decided to use a darker shade of blue as an accent color to maintain a minimalistic vibe. Lastly, I finished off the look with silver shadow that mimics the diamonds in the earrings.


bfj slouchy

3. Sophisticated

Even if pairing these jeans with a button up won’t quite make them work-appropriate, I love the classy yet cool feeling this outfit gives off. Again, try a boxy, cropped shirt to balance out the jeans. Booties always look amazing with cuffed denim, and these are interesting without being over the top. Since the outfit is pretty plain, a statement necklace and watercolor-esque clutch make it look expensive and pulled together. With a swipe of burgundy lipstick and flowery perfume, you’re ready to go.


bfj sophisticated


Whatever you decide to pair with these fabulous jeans, remember to hold your head high and walk with confidence!



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