3 Outfits Inspired by Spring Songs

Lately, the music world has been pumping out track after track of amazing spring songs, and I have been loving it. Not only are artists transitioning into a more alternative genre, they are also delivering impactful lyrics and smooth melodies. I’ve decided to do a part 2 for my “Outfits Inspired by Songs” series with these fun spring hits.


Not in that Way – Sam Smith

I love everything about Sam’s music – his unique sound and the emotion he conveys in his songs are refreshing. Since this is a relatively sad and soft song, I chose colors that reflected the somber mood. This denim dress and cardigan combination is elegant but understated, like the lyrics are. I love how easy the boots and socks are, and the whole look reminds me of an overlooked girl next-door, quite similar to the song.

not in that way

Am I Wrong – Nico & Vinz

I like how laid-back and easy this song is, and I put together an outfit to match that vibe. I am obsessed with halter crop tops paired with maxi skirts, it looks so beachy and cool for spring. The round shades add a “groovy” feel to the outfit, and the leather accessories are no-hassle but still look put together. I would wear this look to an outdoor concert or festival, and I think it echoes perfectly the easy, free tone of the song.

am i wrong

Sing – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s latest single is fun, playful, and way out of his comfort zone- which I love. The song is very flirty but still musically impressive, so I wanted to pair statement pieces together to make a feminine and strong look. The lips on this skirt are very appropriate for such a song, and the mirrored clutch and earrings are perfect to accentuate the female power shown in the song, and the nude shoes and berry nail polish lend a hint of glamour to the look.

sing ed sheeran

Hopefully these looks have inspired you to create “playlist” of outfits. If you do try it out, send me a picture!



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