Spring Break Essentials

Spring break is upon us. Thank God.

If you’ve been working hard on your bikini body, I applaud you. I, on the other hand, have not, and I only have 3 days until vacation. But who’s counting?

Spring break is a great time to break out new spring fashion, especially if you’re going somewhere hot. Because I’m visiting a new place, I feel like I can be more experimental with fashion and try out some new looks with people you’ll never see again. It’s no-risk fashion!

Today I’ll show you some of my spring break clothing essentials, and also some fun pieces that you might try! And because I am so excited about spring finally starting, this post will be all about warm weather clothing.

 Crop Tops and Skirts

  crop tops and skirts  

I love pairing full or long skirts with cropped shirts to create a really beachy look. Circle skirts are very easy to throw on with a light sweater or blouse. I’m really into midi skirts in flowy materials- I think they are a nice alternative to a floor-length skirt. As you can see, I stuck to a pastel pink, blue, and black color pattern because I think they look great for spring.

 Funky Bathing Suits

bathing suits

Ditch that solid halter-top for a fun, attention-grabbing suit! I gravitate toward swimsuits with interesting detailing, patterns, or colors. My favorite suit in this group is the black bikini with the cut outs because it reminds me of one I saw on Kylie Jenner recently. Even if you prefer a one-piece, there are still great options that are super unique.

Comfy Shoes

 spring shoes

When deciding which shoes to take on vacation, it’s important to choose pairs that are functional as well as fashionable. I like to pack a pair of neutral sandals, flats, and heels that go with anything. Look for sandals with a cushy sole or platform so your feet don’t die after an hour. And don’t forget a few funky pairs to keep things interesting!

Dainty Jewelry

 dainty jewelry

Who wants to wear a giant necklace when you’re sweating? Stick to dainty necklaces, rings, and bracelets because they’re no-hassle but still cute. I love the look of friendship bracelets – stack them up your wrists for a very beachy vibe. I also like to mix silver and gold rings to look effortlessly chic.

I hope you have fun this spring break!



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