Valentine’s Day Looks

Happy February everyone! Have you broken any New Year’s Resolutions yet? I know I have. As I sit here with my Diet Coke and chocolate (that’s two right there), I am reminded once again that this month is all about love. I know right? Bleh.

If you are a romantic at heart, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time filled with couples and cute dates. Or, if you’re like me, it’s a day of single-ness and (more) chocolate. Whatever your situation, I come to you with plenty of outfit suggestions to make your V-day unforgettable.

Soft & Girly

You don’t have to wear full-on pink to be in the Valentine’s Day spirit. I love this deep red sweater over a patterned dress, complete with the collar poking out. Easy flats make the outfit effortless but still very cute for date night. Try minimal accessories so you’re not swallowed up by bling. I think simple makeup and hair completes the look, and your date will appreciate seeing your natural beauty.


First Date

Going on a first date on Valentine’s Day? That’s ballsy- major props to your guy. This dress is attention grabbing without being obnoxious, and the shoes and bag add just enough grunge to let him know you’re confident in your own skin. Blush-toned polish and ruffled socks keep the look a bit girly. After all, you’re going on a date, not to a rock concert.

first date

Single Ladies

Dateless? You don’t have to hide inside. Go out with your girls to a fun bar and party the night away. Keep the lazy vibe with a chunky sweater and ripped boyfriend jeans (how ironic!), and dress it up with a pair of skinny, black heels. I love this red bag and fierce earrings. But my favorite? The phone case that proves that you don’t need a man.

single ladies

Whatever your Valentine’s Day holds, have fun be confident! Look for some outfits of the day coming your way really soon!



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