Trend Talk – Sweatpants

Happy November everyone! Now let’s talk sweatpants…

Now I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking- did she really just say that?!? Yes, I really just did. I’ve never been a fan of sweatpants, I feel like they say , “Hello world! I’ve given up.” But this fall, tailored sweats are making an oh-so-fabulous entrance into the fashion world.

So how do I wear them and not look sloppy?

I’m glad you asked. I have seen cropped, elasticized-bottom sweatpants paired with silk, cotton, or even a sweatshirt (but in an ironic way). In order to stay away from looking like you’re going to the gym, keep the look lux with statement jewelry and minimalistic accessories. For the fall, I’ve compiled a look that is totally on trend, with a chunky, silver necklace and ankle-strap heels.  I love the pairing of a lavish material like silk with sweats. And this beanie is so cute, right?


What do you think about this trend? Tell me below!



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