Fashion Prediction

The fashion world is ever-changing. We all try to keep up with trends and predict new ones. Well I have a prediction for you today. I want to document it so that when it happens, I can claim some ownership.

My predicted trend is: Napoleon Dynamite glasses.

np glasses

Yes, we all remember the glasses from the cult favorite movie as being nerdy and oversize, but aren’t those trends coming back? Wayfarer glasses are already on trend again, so why not make other plastic rims cool again? Personally, I’d love to see them make a comeback because they have so much personality and spunk. (Yes, I did just say spunk)

You can easily interpret these glasses into your daily wardrobe. Lace on some combat boots and tie on a plaid shirt and be 90’s grunge-nerdy. Slip on a blouse and a colorful pencil skirt for an old-school preppy vibe. You could even make yourself a “Vote for Pedro” shirt to go with them.

grunge nerd

preppy nerd

The fashion world is full of surprises, so shock everyone by being on trend even before the designers are. There you go- that’s my fashion prediction. What do you think about it- love it or leave it? Tell me!



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