Back to School Looks

Eek! For many of us, school is right around the corner. Where did the time go?

I know when I think back to school, I think shopping. New year, new clothes, am I right? Putting together amazing school outfits can be a nightmare for a lot of girls, since there are so many rules involving dress code- no tank tops, short shorts, sheer material, etc. But seriously, if my shoulders are going to distract people from doing their school work, there’s a problem here. Ridiculous. Nevertheless, I am here to help with some fun outfit ideas that will definitely get you noticed as you walk down the halls.

1. Boho

Strut your stuff in a breezy, 70’s inspired look that’s cool, comfortable, and classy. The tunic is light enough for a hot August day, yet provides enough coverage in case class is chilly. Leather platforms reflect the “groovy” vibe while providing cushion in case you need to hurry to class. Keep the look grounded with dark-wash jeans and a navy nail color, and have fun with the accessories!

bts boho

2. Girly

If you prefer wearing dresses to school, here is your look. A floral sundress is a guaranteed stunner, and the boots-and-socks combo transitions perfectly into fall. I added a cardigan for a laid back feel and so the look would be school appropriate. A faux-leather backpack is a chic touch and adds edginess to the feminine dress. With simple jewelry, this look is a must for school!

bts girly

3. Casual

Some days I don’t feel like being dressy, but I still want to look put together. This fun t-shirt and ripped jeans combo feels beachy, even at school. Gold accessories make it look like you spent a lot of effort on this outfit, even when you didn’t. Purple nail polish is a funky surprise, and it looks great with all skin tones. Don’t forget a yummy smelling perfume to complete the look!

bts casual

If you have to wear a uniform for school, make it your own with cool accessories and makeup! Here are some of my picks:

bts accessories




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