Creative Beauty Tips and Tricks

Looking for some new ways to spruce up your beauty routine? Here are some unusual ways to use your makeup as well as products from around the house to enhance your makeup looks.

Revive a Bad Bronzer – Ever accidentally bought bronzer too dark or too light for you because it looks good on you in the store? Me too. Don’t rely on artificial light to test products- been there, done that. Anyway, I have found a solution to our problem- use the bronzer as eye shadow instead! Use it as a crease color to give your eyes definition. For a more natural look, go with matte bronzer. For a sultrier look, try a shimmery bronzer instead. You can even use your regular bronzer to subtly contour your eyes.


Protect Your Eye Makeup – When I need to wash my face to get ready for a night out, I don’t always want to redo all of my makeup, especially if I’m in a hurry. The answer? Put on regular swimming goggles when you wash your face so that your eye makeup stays put. Then, you can quickly redo your face makeup post-rinse and be on your way in no time. Yes, you will look silly for a few minutes, but saving much-needed time is totally worth it.


All-Day Lip Color – Lipsticks and lip stains are great, but constantly reapplying them gets old. Instead, make your own stain with just one ingredient – powdered Kool-Aid. The red and pink flavors provide excellent color and won’t fade during the day. Just dampen your finger, dip it in the color of your choice, and rub it on your lips until most of the crystals dissolve. However, the granules are very drying to your lips so make sure to put on plenty of lip balm before and after applying. I like to put on some Maybelline Baby Lips balm in a matching color for shine and moisture. Feeling adventurous? Try a purple or orange color for a playful summer shade.

kool aid    baby lips                   

“Highlight” Your Eyes – I love a good highlighter, don’t you? Lucky for us, creamy highlighters like Benefit’s Watts Up can double as a cream eye shadow or eye shadow base. The shine will accentuate your eyes and lighten up your entire eye area. This trick is particularly great if you can only bring a small amount of makeup somewhere – double-duty products to the rescue!


If you try any of these tips or have more beauty ideas, leave me a comment!



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