Beach Day Essentials

It is officially summer now, and like many of you, I am dreaming of the beach. I love going to the beach because I can cool off, relax, and be care-free for a few days before returning to the real world. For those who live close to the ocean, I envy you for having such a wonderful luxury so close by. Since I’m leaving for a much-needed seaside week in a few days, I decided to post a list of my beach day essentials. Even if you aren’t going to the ocean anytime soon, you can use these while at the pool or even just tanning on the grass. Without further ado, here is what I bring to a day on the coast.

1. Beach Bag – Hello- we need something to carry everything in! I like to bring something that has a waterproof lining in case I want to put my wet bathing suit in it. Beach bags are accessories too, so have fun with them and choose one that suits your personality. Mine is canvas with an anchor on it because they remind me of the water. Make sure to find one that looks durable and sturdy enough to carry all of your stuff.

2. Sunscreen – Of course, this is a given, especially for us girls with pale skin. Even for those of you who insist that you don’t need sunscreen or those who say your burn turns to tan, slathering on some SPF 25 will help prevent you from turning into a tomato or getting skin cancer in the long run. Tanning lotion is fun, but it also doesn’t contain much SPF a lot of the time, so be smart with your skin. Brands like Neutrogena have oil-free sunscreen that I like to use on my face to avoid breakouts.

3. Music and Headphones – Everybody needs something to jam out to while tanning, right? I like to make a playlist especially for the beach so I always have a fun song on. And, unless you are lucky enough to have a section of the sand to yourself, I recommend some headphones too (your fellow beachgoers will thank you!).

4. Change of Clothes – In case you are going somewhere after your fun in the sun, make sure to pack something easy to throw on if you don’t want to sit around in a bathing suit. I usually bring something simple and light, like a tank top and some denim cutoffs, but if I’m heading straight to dinner or a dressier place, I usually put on a maxi dress to keep with the relaxed vibe. Always bring some type of footwear, like sandals or flip flops, so that you don’t have to walk somewhere barefoot.

5. Sunglasses – You gotta protect your eyes from the sun! Sunglasses are my favorite beach accessory since there are so many different kinds. I like wayfarer-style glasses, and I usually bring a pair that is a little less expensive so I won’t be too heartbroken if I leave them somewhere or if they break. Like with your beach bag, have fun with your glasses and sport funky or colorful frames! Life is too short to be boring, no?

6. Lip Balm – I always seem to have chapped lips from the wind coming off the ocean, so I like to keep mine moisturized at all times. You can buy lip balm with SPF at most drugstores, and you know I love some sun protection! Lip balm is usually the only beauty-related item I wear to the beach, since makeup is too much of a hassle when you’re getting in the water and sweating and having fun.

So that’s pretty much what I bring to the beach- and the pool for that matter. Wherever you are going this summer, remember to wear your sunscreen! I hope you have tons of fun and get some relaxation time too.



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