June Favorite: The LBD

This June, my favorite piece in my closet would have to be my V-neck white t-shirt. More versatile than even the LBD, white t-shirts can transition from day to night, school to work- anywhere you want to go. You can even pull an Emma Stone and fit it under a strapless cocktail dress for an interesting, casual twist. Just add a statement necklace or stack some bangles and you’re good to go. For a more casual look, pair your shirt with a headscarf and a maxi skirt and go boho-chic for the day. White is a color that goes with almost anything if you pair it correctly, and it makes the perfect background for loud patterns. You can go brighter on the makeup when wearing such a simple color, so don’t be afraid to rock those hot pink lips or a sea foam green cat eye. You don’t have to break the bank on something as basic as a cotton tee, but if you pair it with interesting pieces, you can make it look very tasteful. I like to get my t-shirts at Target because they are inexpensive and very soft. What is your favorite item of June 2013? Tell me!




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