Trend Watch: Summer 2013

All over the runways, designers have been competing to stay current by introducing the latest trends- crazy and reserved- and what they have come up with is a smorgasbord of new fashion we can’t wait to get our hands on! In this post, I’m going to cover some of my favorite trends, and wearable ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe, since most of us can’t just slip on a gown and an extreme cat eye and walk out the door (I’m assuming).

First off, we have graphics. Not only have designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Peter Pilotto presented the fashion world with to-die-for prints and patterns, but they mixed and matched them so effortlessly on the runway that it made us swoon. Pattern mixing is so hot right now, take Kerry Washington for example. Her Peter Pilotto dress is gorgeous, and she pulls off the chaos of prints like the queen she is. In the real world, try mixing a print that is smaller with one that is larger, like little stripes with oversize floral, or pinstripe pants with leopard heels. If you are afraid of going to bold, try this trend in accessories first and go from there. Baby steps, as I always say.


Moving right along, designers have been crazy about electric colors, both in the clothes and on the face. Michel Kors did bright yellow, Valentino went with spicy red, Jean Paul Gaultier chose vivid purple. It is easy to pull of bright colors in your spring wardrobe, with a neon dress or colored denim. Like I said before, if you’re scared- baby steps. In addition to bright garments, shows like Dior did crazy eye shadow colors like orange and baby blue. Now, wearing a lid full of neon yellow to school or work might be a little intense, so I recommend a hint of color just as a tease, like a blue eyeliner or mint eye shadow on the lower lash line.


Last, but certainly not least, are the metallics. Silver and gold have always been wardrobe staples, but recently these colors, along with pinks, bronzes, and platinums, have been given the glossy touch in a plastic-y, shiny fabric. I love to wear just a touch of metallic in the form of a clutch or some sassy pumps. You could also look for metallic colors in detailing on some garments, like mirror pieces or shiny beading. I would recommend staying away from head-to-toe metallic in the day time, but if you want to rock that silver mini-dress for a girl’s night, go for it! Just think classy, not tacky. Rock metallic colors on your eyes too! A glimmery silver says, “I’m ready for a night out.” A tough bronze says, “I’m cool and collected.”


If you’re unsure what will look best for you, try out different styles and rock them with confidence! As always, find a way to make the look yours. It may be a popular trend, but you can still make it unique by mixing pieces and experimenting with outfits. Good luck!



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